r e t u r n   t o   h o m e

Metal band Head Transfer Process  have released a remake of Stargazer, I am pleased to have played keyboards on this track with some great players!!!  ALL PROFITS GO TO BENEFIT CANCER RESEARCH.


P U R C H A S E   B E L O W !!!  I M M E D I A T E   D O W N L O A D !!!

Head Transfer Process is Martin DeBourge on lead vocals, Bryant Crawford on guitar, Jeremy Jimison on guitars and additional vocals, and Chris O’Rourke on bass and additional vocals. Joining them for “Stargazer” are several guest artists. Acacio Carvalho (Quester, Vougan, Single Bullet Theory) joins the band on drums, Steve Smyth (Forbidden, Testament, Nevermore) provides a blazing guitar solo, and
Lisa LaRue (Lisa LaRue 2KX) provides keyboards.

"For those who wish to hear an original take on a time honored metal classic, look no further than the crushing vocal prowess of Martin DeBourge of Head Transfer Process on the band's recent cover of Rainbow's daunting 'Stargazer'." 

-Robert Williams - Metal-Rules.com

Purchase now for as little as $1.99 !