Progressive Rock Band 2KX returns after two-year break with release of Sussuration

     The band is fronted by keyboardist and composer Lisa LaRue who is thrilled to announce this unique new release after spending the last two years successfully battling to regain her health. LaRue said, “2KX is excited about being able to make music again, after taking a break due to health reasons. The track has a classic 2KX sound, and goes through four movements, the last illustrating sussuration which is the sound of wind through the trees”.
     The release involves an unusual feature in that one movement of the song will be available as a special 7”, hand-shaped lathe cut record. The record is cut real time on a vintage 1940 record lathe. This movement is the ballad section of the song and the only part with vocals. The CD/EP will contain the full-length version of ‘Sussuration” as well as a previously released singles from 2KX: “Lemniscate,” a radio edit of “Sussuration,” and a bonus of “Song For a Name – 2KX” by Johnny Unicorn It will be available as a CD and an mp3 album in addition to the radio edit “Sussuration” ballad which will be produced in a very limited quantity as the hand-shaped lathe cut 7” record. The CD cover art is by Keith Birdsong, famous for his Star Trek book covers and other outstanding work.  Digital downloads will be available September 1, with the CD, special edition record, videos and more available soon after.
     2KX members are Lisa LaRue on keyboards, Steve Adams on guitar, Mike Alvarez on cello, John Baker for vocals, Merrill Hale for drums and percussion, and Don Schiff on bass and NS Stick. Baker, previously lead vocalist/guitarist for Mars Hollow as well as playing for Christian Love (The Beach Boys) and The Little Girls, joins as a band member on this release, as lead vocalist.  Special guests are Michael Wheeler playing Dilruba and violinist Brenda K of the Panache Orchestra. The album was produced and mixed by LaRue and mastered by multi-Grammy mastering engineer Adam Ayan of Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering.  Ayan is known for his mastering of bands such as The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, Linkin Park and numerous others.
     Prior to their two-year break period, 2KX was nominated as Best Instrumental Band at the 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. Earlier career highlights for Lisa LaRue include  being the first female artist signed to the Sound of America Records (SOAR) Natural Visions sub label, the 2008 Oklahoma Music Awards “Native American Artist of the Year”  and a 2008 nominee for the Hollywood Music Awards Instrumental category. 
Sussuration cover artist

A self-taught artist, Keith Birdsong has illustrated several hundred book jackets for publishers such as Pocket Books, New American Library, Harlequin, Scholastic, Berkley, Random House and so on… His works have encompassed science fiction, fantasy, action adventure, suspense, horror, young adult, romance, and licensing. He is very well known for his work with Paramount and Pocket’s “Star Trek” books, posters and The Hamilton Collection collector’s plate series. Keith has also worked on many assignments with the U.S. Postal Service which have included 13 postage stamps and many combative collectable's, and includes the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemorative postage stamp…one of which is on display in the Smithsonian in D.C.

Birdsong is a Muscogee Creek-Cherokee artist who resides in his hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma, and has previously lived and worked in California, Texas and elsewhere.  He served in the United States Army, serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.  In addition to his Star Wars and US Postal Service work, he is also known for the books of the cyberpunk role-playing game "Shadowrun," and children's books such as The Halloween Hex: Hi-Tech Howard as well as Star Wars.

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Latest News

Keith Emerson Memorial 

Lisa LaRue and Federico Fantacone are offering the sale of their track "Aspiration" for donation (with a minimum donation of $2.99).  All proceeds (except for paypal fees) will be donated to one of the charities established by the Emerson Family in Keith's memory.  You may make your donation and download your track on the Keith Emerson Memorial page on this website (  Thank you, and thank you Keith, for the inspiration.

Keyboardists/Composers Federico Fantacone, Lisa LaRue Announce Transatlantic Music to be Released November 25, 2014 

FedericoFantacone, an Italian progressive rock keyboardist and composer best known as “Orchestre Celesti” and Lisa LaRue, a progressive rock keyboardist and composer best known for her projects 2K9 and 2KX, have combinedtheir talents to record the CD “Sonic Landscape” (“Paesaggi di Suono” in Italian). TheFantacone /LaRue project is a culmination of over three years of trading ideas, files, tracks, and inspirations across the Atlantic Ocean. The collection features 10 tracks.  Fantacone and LaRue will each…Read more

Lisa LaRue Now Official EARZ Ambassador. 

Lisa LaRue and EARZ are pleased to announce Lisa's involvement with the new music sharing app and company, EARZ, slated to launch later this year.  As such, she has been named as the first "EARZ Ambassador," and is offering the EP "Sussuration", as well as "The Lisa LaRue Collection" to those who join in on the EARZ Kickstarter campaign.  There is also a T-shirt available as a reward, featuring the cover of Sussuration, with artwork by world-renowned artist, Keith Birdsong (see the Lisa LaRue homepage for…

AUG 31 - 2KX to be interviewed on Nick Katona's "Inside the Music" 

The band is fronted by keyboardist and composer Lisa LaRue we will be talking to various members from this amazing band as well as play songs from the bands new EP.
2KX members are Lisa LaRue on keyboards, Steve Adams on guitar, Mike Alvarez on cello, John Baker for vocals, Merrill Hale for drums and percussion, and Don Schiff on bass and NS Stick

Time Zones Around The World:

● Florida to Maine - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
● Dallas - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
● Los Angeles - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
● Tokyo - 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM
●…Read more

AOR version of Sussuration debuts on The Ed Tyll Show 

Progressive rock band 2KX successfully crosses over to AOR with the debut of the radio edit of the ballad portion of Sussuration today.  Award winning national talk radio show host Ed Tyll did a feature on 2KX and "Sussuration," and LOVES it.  Take a listen to the debut, and you will see why we do what we do.  THIS is what we want people to feel when they listen........  LISTEN HERE